Monday, June 16, 2008


Film poster for National Treasure: Book of Secrets - Copyright 2007, Walt Disney PicturesImage via WikipediaNATIONAL TREASURE 2, BOOK OF SECRETS is the second film I saw today after "THE CURIOSITY OF CHANCE". I've got the DVD few days ago and my first attempt to watch it failed miserably as I fell asleep. Tonight I was more determined and I put it on as I was having my chicken with fresh salad for dinner. The beginning is a bit slow but if your patient, like I was, it gets better. In the end I can give a high score for the sheer value of entertainment. Ok, maybe the story really doesn't makes the slightest bit of sense, including the motivation of the hero - to clear the name of his great-great-grandfather, that's why he risks his life, the life of friends and loved ones, not to speak of his own good name by kidnapping a president! And by the way, Ben as a positive role model for a Disney film, should go to jail! Let's count the offences: speeding, reckless driving, theft, trespassing, destruction of property, conspiracy to kidnap, and kidnapping. Disney thinks this is all fine since he's the "hero" after all. Thanks Disney! Probably this it's more aimed at people who really do not give a damn about story and stuff, but who just want to see a lot of movement/action, high-tech gobbledygook, explosions, and cheap patriotism. I personally liked Justin Bartha who was an uber-cutie and had some of the funny lines.
To sum things up, you'll watch a classic case of sequel trying to live off the fervour of the original but had gone bad in many ways. Still entertaining thou.

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Today despite the fact that I had a horrible busy day I managed to see two movies. That was between the driving lesson and a jobcenter appointment. First was "The Curiosity of Chance". Below are some details.

Chance Marquis is an unusual boy. The openly gay son of a military man, he lives on his razor wit and curious fashion sense, happy to be the oddball at his average international high school. But standing out can have it's downside, and Chance becomes the prime target for the school bully. To deal with this dilemma, he turns to the opposite ends of the high school spectrum for help. On one end is the flamboyant drag queen and at the other, a beautiful varsity jock. Together, this unlikely threesome are all set to make a very serious impression...

The Curiosity of Chance is a smart and sassy teen comedy in the tradition of the John Hughes classics of the 1980s.

"An excellent coming-of-age film perfect for the inner teenager in all of us. Think of it as a queer Pretty in Pink." - Advocate.

The Curiosity of Chance - TRAILER


This where I got it from
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Sunday, June 15, 2008



I rediscovered this song totally unexpected and I remembered that was one of my fav songs in the 90's. It's a shame that the Norwegian guy who sings it - Espen Lind - didn't really make it and it's so unfair 'cos he has more talent than other so called pop stars.

Here is the video

Here is the mp3

When Susannah Cries - Espen Lind
Asculta mai multe audio Muzica »

And here are the lyrics


And here's another vid for his "Lucky for you"

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Friday, June 13, 2008


spiderwick This is a movie I wanted to see from a long time and today that finally happened. I can't say I was disappointed, it was an easy film, pleasant to watch even I found it a bit confusing keeping track of Freddie Highmore who played a double role of two twin brothers. Is a film that kids will absolutely love and there is enough here for the grownups as well. The story centers around a mother and her three children who move into a mysterious and creepy new house pretty much in the middle of nowhere. The one son Jared who is the main character in the film, finds a book written by the previous owner of the house and Jared soon discovers that this is a magical yet very dangerous book that a lot of goblins and little creatures are after, but with the help of his twin brother, his older sister and some friendly creatures he gets the book to safety and also protects himself and his family from the evil monsters that want the book to do harm. The story it is enhanced by a lot of creative creatures and imaginative things going on. The running time moves along fairly briskly and the film is involving and interesting from the start and keeps it's energy and charm throughout the running time. There were a few repeated story patterns and clichés in the script, but there were also a lot of surprises and new takes on things, so that can be forgiven. When looking at a film like this at a child you would like the magic, imagination and the story that is woven in front of you with interesting characters, environments and a grand sense of storytelling that can make the make believe into a fun and entertaining film. This is all captured very well here and works as a fairy tale for kids 7 to whatever age. A creative enough story helped by good film-making and an eye for what kids and adults love about these movies make this film a generally good and above average family fantasy film of the past few years.


Thimbletack teach us that salt crackers with honey work great for anger management - here is BEFORE and AFTER:

thimbletack in his peaceful form thimbletack in anger

And if you encounter Nick Nolte might come handy to know that he's most vulnerable in his Human form (and not in his tree-with-a-face form) and he's most delicious in his bird form:

nick nolte nick nolte1


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Friday, June 6, 2008

RUPERT EVERETT has launched an attack on America

Rupert EverettImage via Wikipedia3 days ago

Actor Rupert Everett has described Americans as 'whiny victims' whose entire language is taken from Friends and Sex And The City.

And he said we live in a repressed Victorian-style culture, obsessed with the 'authority of what Posh is wearing'.

The presenter of The Victorian Sex Explorer said problems stem from people not daring to stand up and say anything.

In an interview with the Radio Times, he explained the appeal of Sir Richard Francis Burton, a 19th-century explorer and a subject of Channel 4's Victorian Passions season.

'We're such a world of copycats,' Everett told the magazine.

'We live in our own kind of Victorian culture: repressed, obsessed with authority - even if it's just the 'authority' of what Posh is wearing.

'All the problems we have now, they're all really about people not daring to stand up and say anything.'

Moving away from British society, Everett spoke about the United States.

'I'm totally off the States now,' he told the magazine. 'The reaction to 9/11 and then George Bush - really, they've got very blobby as a nation.

'Now they (the Americans) are whiny victims whose language is entirely taken from two TV s"
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Mario Lopez gets naked in Nip/Tuck.


Adam Garcia getting naked in Coyote Ugly.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Well I just found out. Apparently he was cruelly outed by a tabloid while starring in "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman". After that he become spokesman for LGBT causes. Chad turns 34 today and below are some highlights from one of his "Donald Strachey" movies which cast him as a gay private eye.



Tuesday, June 3, 2008


kiss the bride poster Before seeing SHELTER I watched this romantic little comedy thing called KISS THE BRIDE, directed by C. Jay Cox (his last film, "LATTER DAYS"). The two handsome leading men, James O'Shea and Philipp Karner, are unknown but very good in a film that also stars Tori Spelling as a bride who about to marry a man whose high school best friend (and former lover) comes back to town to attend the wedding and stirs up old feelings (in a "My best friend wedding" sort of way). About choosing Spelling, Cox said "it was important to get a name like Tori, in the landscape of independent film, it's so tough in sort of a crowded landscape of even a lot more gay films are being made. It's vital to get somebody who at least can give your film a bit more of a profile to help a movie stand out. I think it really helps to have a recognizable name. Tori was just perfect fort the role of Alex, the bubbly sensibility and absolutely loveable quality." Of his leading men, the director says: "I feel we were really lucky to get Philipp and James because they were perfect for the roles. Philipp lends this polished cosmopolitan air of someone who has lived in the city and moves in that world and he comes back to a small town. I just feel like they were both an absolute find and also a thrill to work with. Both are great guys,...We shot for 18 days, it was a really a tight shoot. They developed this great chemistry."


Kiss the Bride_1

Kiss the Bride_17


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shelterposter While I was catching up with my ironing today I saw this movie (shhh... it's a downloaded pirate copy, excellent quality). While this has been labelled as "a gay surfing flick," surfing is really just a sexy backdrop for the story of Zach (Trevor Wright), a young man working a dead-end job and helping his needy sister care for her young son. When Zach becomes involved with the older brother of his best friend (Brad Rowe), the relationship calls into question all of his assumptions about family, self-identity and the future.


The director Jonah Markowitz :

"It was always the goal to really make this movie about people and about their struggles. People who have seen it really love it, regardless if they are straight or gay.It's a question of getting them into the theatre. I think it will be a word of mouth thing. It's a story that lots of different kind of people can relate to."

The surfing backdrop allowed for a lot of beach scenes: "That was part of making a gay film that we hoped would be different, making as film where they fell in love outside - not in a bar, nightclub or locker room. Outdoors and being active, breaking the mold of what we usually see."

In the end, Jonah hopes the movie entertains but also sends this message: "If you have love, you can create family. We've got the families we were born with and the families we create. They are just as valid, The movie's about these guys who create a family together."

On the casting of Brad Rowe, already known to gay audiences from being the object of Sean Hays' obsession in "Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss" a decade ago: "It had nothing to do with 'Billy's.' He was really the right guy for the part, he understood where the character was at and he got along well with Trevor. I thought he could bring something real and beautiful to it. He understood the character was at a different point in his life than Trevor was."

On Trevor Wright's and Brad's love scenes: "Trevor is really talented. He and Brad and I kept it real loose, The intimate scenes, I asked if they knew what it was like to spend a day with somebody you love and what does that feel like to you? They are both straight and they were able to go off on that. I made a mixed tape for them and we just scheduled it: we had the first kiss, the fooling around then real full on."

The official site of SHELTER.

Trailer here:

cover's HOT 100 FOR 2008

The Internet gay community voted the hottest 100 guys (gay or not) for this year. To my surprise no. 1 was Jake Gyllenhaal. John Barrowman who came second seemed more appropriate for the first place, don't really know why JG was voted. Anyway on other places were:


chace crawford_19


eddie cibrian


ian somerhalder


jamie bamber


mario lopez


matthew mcconaughey


ryan reynolds_10


zac efron

Monday, June 2, 2008


Do's and don'ts about kissing.

În unele cazuri este o artă rafinată; în altele, una pierdută. Giugiuleala.

Fii pregătit. Păstrează o bună igienă orală şi o respiraţie proaspătă, barba tunsă sau faţa rasă fin, hainele şi corpul curate, o aromă plăcută, părul spălat, care poate fi atins. Dă-i toate motivele să se apropie mai mult.

"Moartea pasiunii" – fereşte-te de chestiile astea

Cuţitarul – îţi înjunghie într-una gura cu limba lui; pupăciosul ăsta sigur o să strice atmosfera.

Şmirghelul – raşcheta aia de pe barba lui poate ori să-şi facă bucăţele buzele, ori să-şi spele vasele de acum o săptămână.

Fii pe fază
Sincronizarea e totul. Nu te grăbi să-l iei prin surprindere. S-ar putea să se apere şi să te dea la o parte. Uită-te după semne şi fă mutarea. Dar nu aştepta prea mult, s-ar putea să treacă momentul.

Azorel – căţeluşul ăsta nedresat te linge şi te băleşte pe toată faţă. Jos, băiete, jos!

Butelia cu heliu – dacă pui gura pe maşinăria asta o să te umfle cu aer cald. O să te simţi ameţit, da' să ştii că nu pluteşti.

Fii atent
Observă şi simte reacţiile partenerului tău. Vrei să simtă plăcere când vă giugiuliţi, şi trebuie să auzi ce spune – cu corpul, cu buzele, cu vocea şi cu mâinile. Nu e nimic mai sexy decât un bărbat care simte nevoile partenerului său – şi nu e nimic mai rău decât unul care n-o face.

Scrumiera, te rog – După ce stingi ţigara aia, pot să ling scrumiera?

Vampirul. Au! – Ce dracu'? M-ai muşcat de buză. Sângerez!

Un joc frumos presupune explorare, de la lip-lock la senzaţia dinţilor şi limbii, până la felul cum îţi mişti mâinile. Încearcă delicat. Încearcă dur. Vezi unde vă duce atracţia, şi nu te abţine. Fii creativ. Dacă încearcă el vreo figură la care nu te-ai gândit, păstrează-ţi-o în repertoriul personal.

Ciocănitoarea – o să-ţi trebuie un cric ca să-i deschizi ciocul. Face cioc, cioc, cioc.

Body snatchers –ăla era un om sau un extraterestru, de-a încercat să-mi implanteze un pui în burtă cu limba?

Exploatează-i slăbiciunile
După ce o să capeţi ceva experienţă cu el, ţine minte şi exploatează fiecare gest care îl excită, de la atingerea uşoară a buzelor la muşcatul gâtului, şi până la vechea "limbă pe gât". Dacă înveţi pe ce butoane trebuie să apeşi, o să-l ai oricând (şi oricum) vrei.

Teroristul – te apucă aşa de strâns de cap şi de spate, de te întrebi "suntem la întâlnire, sau mă iei ostatic?"